Hi all,

I run RickHits Radio, we are a small new online radio station based in the UK. We have recently had a complete redesign of our website and audio and are looking to start fresh and build up a larger base of listeners!

To get the listeners in we need more DJ's with variety, I am looking for DJ's to voluntarily air their shows on RickHits at a mutually agreeable timeslot. Most times are currently available and I am very keen to get as many DJ's/Presenters involved as possible. We don't follow a strict genre but we mainly play chart/pop music during the week and then we have some guest chat show DJ's and a Trance music DJ too so we are willing to air all genres!

If you would like to know more and are interested in becoming part of RickHits please email me!

W: RickHits Radio
E: studio@rickhits.co.uk
S: RickHits
F: /RickHitsRadio
T: @RickHits

Kind Regards,