voice tracking

  1. Partyboy Radio

    Partyboy Bueller Wants To Voice Track For YOU!

    Partyboy Bueller is now available for voice tracking on YOUR radio station! He has over 20 years experience in radio and will bring an energetic and dynamic personality to your station. Please email us at partyboybueller@gmail.com if you're interested. Provide your station logo, description...
  2. Partyboy Radio

    Partyboy Bueller Wants On Your Station!

    Partyboy Bueller has vacated the live morning show to devote his time to voice tracking opportunities. We are signing up affiliates immediately. The show is free. If you're interested in adding an energetic dynamic personality to your station contact us now. Partyboy Bueller has over 20 years...
  3. Harty

    Voice tracking now available

    Hi. I have just started to offer voice tracking for internet broadcasters. Please check out the options and my other VO services at: http://stevehart.co.uk/voice-tracking-sound-like-you-have-a-dj-when-you-dont/
  4. J

    Looking to voice track

    I live in Denver and I would love to voice track for an Christian rock, or hip/hop station, or 90's, 80's, or even 70's stations. I do like some of today's radio edited music. If you have 40, or more listeners I can do my shows live as well. Please email me directly innervision3@msn.com and...