Broadcaster programs vs. DJ equipment


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What does everyone use to broadcast with? I've been seeing people using SAM broadcaster or other broadcasting programs and then others using mixer boards and hard DJ equipment. What is your preference and why?


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Sam BC is I think the most popular.
It depends also on what you are broadcasting to.
Reason I say this is because if you want to stream on .mp3. Most Broadcasting software can do this and also show the metadata of the track being played.
I do know that if you stream with Traktor, This can be a issue as Traktor streams in .OGG which can cause a issue if the station you wish to DJ for don't support the .OGG format and like also the metadata being displayed.

If anyone wishes to use something that will broadcast with minimal issues then Sam BC, RadioBOSS, Virtual DJ (All available to purchase) are very good.
If you want a Free programme to use then Mixxx will do the same thing using .mp3.

There are lots more available but personally, I have never looked at them.

All boils down to the Station Managers at the end of the day as every station is different.