Country Voice Trackers Needed!

Drew Segura

New Member

Country Q Radio is coming back on air after a few years of going MIA. COUNTRY Q Radio is a main stream Country Music station that plays Country Music from the 90s - Now. Country Q is big on community involvement and showing love to artists that don’t have much of a name yet. Our brand has over 12K fans/followers across Instagram and Facebook and we are growing rapidly ♥️

We have a plan to launch July 1st just in time for 4th of July. We are a hobbiest ran radio station with no profits made, if we can make it more than that then let’s do it!

No experience is necessary however we do ask that you have a good sounding microphone already. We use next cast on the main server computer so we will be installing next cast remove voice tracking on your computer so that you can easily voice track from wherever you’d like. Country G radio is completely licensed (ASCAP, BMI) so we do not run the risk of playing music that we are not allowed to play.

You can contact us via social media @CountryQRadio or email for more information!

I will also keep checking in on here As well for replies!

Looking forward to hearing from you all! Have a kick ass rest of your day, thanks for your time!