Do you need my help?


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I offer a wide range of services and different ways in which too help the radio community so please check below and i would be more then happy too help you :)

About me?

My names James Wallace 18 years old and live in Birmingham, UK, I have been working with radio for around 8 years now, And see my self as a helping and easy person too talk too whom is very resanable and easy too get along with. Im studying Aerospace Engineering at College, And currently also study html/htmls/php studies at college.

What do i do?

I currently own a Internet network of 4 Radio Stations 2 Live video Music Stations and a Hosting Company, aswell as working as a barman at a local pub.

As you can see i have worked hard too get too where i am now and learnt alot of lessons on the way so please let me help you??

The Cost?

Most of my services are free or of very low value so please email me too find out more

What can i do?

Setting up of new Radio Stations: Servers/websites/Licencing/Advertising
Managing of Radio Stations General Day to day running
Look after and fix your servers and other website Radio based problems
24/7 Trouble Calls too talk you through problems
Website building/ Radio panels/php/mysql/html/flash

Selling Radio Stations aswell

As you can see i can do alot so please get in touch and let me help you!!!

James Wallace