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Upgrade the News on Your Station & Forget the Mainstream Media and Fake News. Our Internationally Syndicated Newscast and Radio Show is now carried on every Continent, All 50 US States and More than 160 Countries Worldwide by an every growing network of Stations around the World. Instead of providing your audience with the same ole same ole. The One Hour Last Christian News Cast and Radio Show provides insight on Current Events from around the World that others just don't provide. Instead of Being Led and Fed, learn the real facts on what is happening around the World from a Biblical & Truthful perspective Far ahead of what is provided by anyone else. The LCRS Newscast is presented in (2) 28 minute Segments, and is available for instant FREE Download every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Your AM, FM, DAB, Shortwave, Internet Only or DB Station may Instantly add the Newscast by downloading our files at via the FREE WE Transfer Service. Best yet, the most recent 6 Episodes are always available and may be played at any time or any day of the week. For those adding a link to, an on air (Station Plug) to assist with your Station Advertising will be provided on air by our Hosts. Just be sure to write us at to advise us of the link location.