Freeform Weekend: Available For Internet Syndication


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Hello guys! Justin Walters from the Walters Media Group here! I have a new show for radio stations called Freeform Weekend! It is a show that is probably like others, to be honest with you, but will make your radio station stand out from most others. It is shown from many different studies that around 1/3 of all digital downloads are from indie sources, and that is the only music that we play on here on this one-hour show.

The best part about this is that in order to syndicate the show, you will have to pay NOTHING! That is right! This show will cost you $0.00 to start syndicating, although, I will take item donations. All that you need to do is promote the show, if you want to syndicate it.

For more information, email me at I will send you a demo and give you more information.

Thank you, great people of Internet Radio Forums!