Hi Ya, I've been trying to set up a new pop out player on my site, but no matter what I cant get it to work can you help


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Hi Ya, I've been using my genic music player on my site all good ,now trying to set up a new pop out player but no matter what i cant get it to work.
this is what the players read me said : -

Q. The player pops up in a popup window, but when I click the play button nothing happens, what’s the problem?
A. Most likely, you forgot to add a valid stream URL. Please make sure the stream includes the server address and port number separate by a :

I have used every server address and port number I could find , but none of them worked CAN YOU HEEEELP. please
I'm not seeing a button to press to pop out the stream? I see the media Players down in the page that do work?
Where should I be looking?


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I ve taken it of the page, ill put it up again, but all it does is pop up with the player but no stream. I think that admin needs to give me the correct IP & Port address first then ill try again, apart from that it looks good
I see your problem, the URL is using a http:// URL, you're needing the https:// stream, browsers will block the un secured stream. That would be what you are needing to get the stream running.
Hopefully their support will respond, to verify that is the correct link or that works for you. The Port is not needed as they are using a proxy instead of a separate port number.
I noticed that the plugin not supported for a while not much info on, that a shame as i noticed other plugin charing a yearly sub, I only want the pop-out feature.
maybe I'll try ChatGPT to recode it for me.lol


Hi. Here is the code I use on my site:

<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="window.open('https://YOUR POP UP WINDOW PAGE /', 'newWin','width=500,height=425')"><img src="https://LINK TO ICON PEOPLE CLICK TO OPEN POP UP PAGE.png" alt="YOUR STATION NAME - pop up window" class="aligncentre size-medium wp-image-400" width="250"></a>

Alter the width and height sizes to suit your purposes.