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Hive365 is one of the oldest gaming community focussed radio stations. We have slots available for presenters to join our vibrant and diverse DJ team. We only have live DJ shows, so no pre-recorded content. Hive has music policy which allows presenters to create, produce and present their show in the way they wish. Your passion for music is what our listeners wish to hear.

Hive365 is available on many in-game radios and also via dedicated server plug-ins. Hive365 has a busy and active Discord server, a live listener lounge and chat room for listener/presenter interactions. Through the presenter dashboard listeners on other platforms can send requests and shoutouts as well as vote up/down a tune and that interactively drives the Hive365 Top40 Chart.

Have you two hours to spare a week, have you a music collection of at least 2000 tunes? Then what are you waiting for. If your experienced, great, but if you're new to the art of radio presenting perhaps unsure of what to do then Hive365 is the ideal place to learn the art. We will give you, the new DJ, all the necessary help and guidance you need to get on-air, sound great and entertain your fellow gamers.

Click this link to begin the journey and discover the wonderful world of radio and join HIVE365.


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