Load Edcast.dll into Winamp


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Hi all !

Sorry : I still can not load the Edcast.dll into the latest version of Winamp.
I'm getting desperate...
Can someone help me please ?


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Hi Noorman,

You can download and install Edcast for Winamp from here: http://djlab.com/stuff/dj/edcast_winamp_3.1.21.exe

You will then need to download the LAME MP3 encoding plugin (lame_enc.dll) and place this into your 'Winamp' folder which will be located within your computers 'Program Files' folder. This is important or the plugin will not work for you.

You can download the lame_enc.dll by right clicking the following link and choosing “Save Link As” http://djlab.com/stuff/dj/lame_enc.dll

I hope that helps.


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Dear all,

I am H A P P Y it works again like a Swiss clock :D
I had to copy the links you provided to my browser because they would
not open in the message above.
I uninstalled the old Edcast / Lame dll and started all over again.... with suc6 !
You are welcome to tune-in - it's free :)
Many thanks,