Looking for a DJ that is not on an ego trip

Kevin Robb

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www.radioforfun.com started in November 2019. It is run and staffed by experienced people. My name is Kevin and I am a retired DJ with 50 years experience as a broadcaster. I am looking for that special type of DJ. The one who just does it for fun. The one who just enjoys talking to people and playing the music listeners want to hear. The one who will interact with listeners in our chat room. The one who wants to be part of something special. The one who just sounds natural, casual and above all funny and partially nuts.
Contact me at info@radioforfun.com and become part of our family


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not been funny, but Good luck with that ... lol
Hi there:

We have a programmed radio show called BEATSVILLE which you may stream at mixcloud.com (BEATSVILLE). We are an older couple that have a modicum of experience working and programming at radio stations and would love to work with you.

Dom and Charlene