New radio channel, intro/fallback / stream problem


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Hi Ya,
I've setup a new radio station and sorting out the settings and mount points. I've uploaded 2 audio files for the intro and fallback. The Intro works but then no audio stream heard. The server seems to be visually running and playing the tracks

I remember that the intro clips need to be a certain bitrate to work properly? otherwise they wont trigger the stream, I cant quite remember. cant you help?.

Also I have inserted the quick links stream proxy link into the web player, (the intro plays) but the stream does not play, ( can you tell me the stream link.

Finally: on my other account I was able to edit the RAW file in the control panel, On this PAYG the control panel does not have the button to edit the file, is that the case, so would I have to contact support to amend the Gernes?

I have just logged in to my control panel, but the " SETTINGS" option is missing from the choices.

Website : Rockers FM UK -
User Name : rockersfmuk
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Hold up seems like it was a intro file problem, I deleted the file and now the stream is playing.
I still won't to know my URL


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Hi TGrooves,

Your intro (and outro) file needs to be encoded at the exact same bitrate as per your AutoDJ settings, so in your case 128kbps Mp3, Stereo and with a Samplerate of 44100 Hz.

This is the stream URL that you'll need to use:

I've given you the permission to access and edit your server's Raw configuration file.