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where I live in SW Scotland we only have DAB radio for entertainment. The output is general to the UK but not where I am living. So a few of us have got together to start a online radio station. We are thinking more like Radio 2 and radio 4 UK output as where I am is rural and mostly farming and that would mean catering to the ears of farms, locals ETC.

I know about setting up computers to radios as I have a ham radio licence for the UK. So connecting is no problem. I am aware of Icecast and Mixxx for playing online streams and all that of which is no problem. But what is needed is equipment. This is what I am pricing up to get the station started:

Rhode condenser microphones
Rodecaster Pro II
A tower business PC (running on Linux as it is a free OS)
Internet connection

I see Rodecaster II is a lot of money. We are planning to run this station as a charity to help the community for other activities and promote local history (I live in the small town that has the oldest working post office in the world BTW). We have music, history and wish to promote not only my area but other areas nearby. So cost is a issue. We can get grants for things but looking to keep cost down and have a good setup that will be not only eye catching but workable for people who wish to do shows. One of our aims it to get schoolchildren who wish to try and get into media have a place where they can learn. What we are thinking is to have 2 rooms, one for training and one live so people are not put off being thrown in the deep end and expect to swim.

So what startup would you think we would need for this? Was thinking Behringer desk for audio as I have one for my ham radio shack along with a Eagle Dynamic microphone. So setup there is "childs play" as it were. What do you think is a good setup for this as all I have heard is Rodemaster II is whats needed. Is there any other that are cheaper but as good as.



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You should use the excellent RadioDJ free radio playout software (which is Windows only) for your station's automation of jingles, liners, sweepers, shows, voicetracks, etc. It is extremely powerful and intuitive. It also integrates well with website programing so you can display shows, what's playing, what's coming up, etc automatically. Any kids getting into media now should train on a setup with at least some automation. Being in media for them likely will be more working with AI algorithms and software than microphones and mixers.