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I think there should be a title "Paid Jobs" like the Volunteering, Shows, etc.
you never know the day someone will want to start paying their staff, I know this is all for the love and fun of djing/streaming, but the internet is another world we live in, and I think there should start being "Careers/Employment" with "Internet Radio"
Jammin' M


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Hi Jammin M,

We do not think its worth creating such a sub section of the forum for this. You said it yourself, internet radio for the most part is done for the love and fun of it.

Stations already have to cover their own server costs, licensing / royalties payments etc which can sometimes be expensive depending on the size of their listenership. When most are for non-profit and run out of love as a hobby, they are not going to be able to pay each DJ that performs on the station on top of this.

We have seen most of your posts on here over the last year or so regarding paid positions and to be really honest with you, realistically you are not likely to find a full time career in internet radio. Sure, you may find the odd station that "might" pay for an hour or show or something. Chances are that you probably won't. The way to monetize with internet radio is through advertising, not by presenting a show.

If you are really determined to get a career in radio, then you should be looking at getting your foot in the door with the larger and more established professional stations. For example, if I was in your position I would be looking at getting a job with the BBC here in the UK and then get networking with the right people. Then perhaps one day if might even lead to presenting a show on one of their stations or just working on it in some capacity or other.

We do not intend for this to completely discourage you and who knows what may happen? But it's just some friendly advice. :)