SALE - Radio Stations Database +15000 Radio & Logos


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There are 21010 registered radios in it. As a result of my own checks, there are +17000 working radios. I wanted to write +15000 with 10% margin of error.

The radio station database includes the following;

Radio Stations Names,
Radio Stations Stream Addresses,
Radio Stations Country Info,
Radio Stations Broadcasting Information - Genre/Info
Radio Stations Logo url extensions,

The logos of the radios in the database will be delivered together with the database. I have checked the list of radios stations that are not working one by one, I will give also that. With this radio database you can make worldwide radio website & app. U can find apps or website scripts on Codecanyon or relative websites.

Requested price for Radio Station Database: 300$ - 300 Dollar.

If u want to ask something, u can reply or u can write me on mail:

Also u can check radio stations on this app. You can search by typing certain words of searching ( like search = pop , search = radio )


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