Stream could not be started: Application liquidsoap exited immediately after startup.

We are experiencing the exact same problem as well, please restart our server.
Stream could not be started: Application liquidsoap exited immediately after startup.

Can you explain to us as well what is causing this?

We found a way to fix this issue by the way, by creating a new mount point.

Log into your Centova account as normal and click: settings
Go to Mount Points (the second to last tab of your settings menu)
Click: Create New (so a new mount point is created below your current /stream mount).
This will now show two mount points in your account. /stream and /stream2
Select and highlight the new one created /stream2
Now click: Update
If you use AutoDJ, set it exactly the way it was on your 1st /stream. click and highlight /stream2 then: AutoDj Settings tab
Remember to exit and restart your server for the changes to take effect.
Now you will be able to go on air by clicking Start server.

You are welcome!

Now, with that issue fixed, our question is: Do we have to create a new mount point every time the Centova liquid soap crashes?
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Hi Megaton Cafe,

I've fixed this for you now and removed your secondary mount point as well.

No, you should not need to have to create a new mount point to fix this. This bug is quite common and we've raised the issue to Centovacast in the past. We are not 100% sure on the exact cause of this but it is usually where a second instance of the AutoDJ is spun up somehow.

When ever making any configuration changes or ever restarting the server or AutoDJ feature it is important to follow the 'Return' link message that pops up in the control panel (or just click on the 'Overview' link). The reason for this is that if you have restarted the AutoDJ it will still look like from the side menu as though it has not been restarted, so it's quite common for users to then try and start this again and this can cause multiple instances of the AutoDJ to start up. But if you had followed the 'Return' link after the first restart then you would notice that it had actually already been restarted and that it is just that the page / overview needed refreshing.

To be honest I think Centovacast should make this a bit more clear or just automatically force this to refresh itself, it's very common for users to think that the AutoDJ has not been restarted so they repeatedly hit the play button for the AutoDJ which then spins up another instance and then this causes problems such as what you have experienced.