The September Project.


Looking over the posts on this forum, I suspect this message will gain little interest.

We are a small group of radio enthusiasts based in South East London/North West Kent, in the U.K.

Some of us are from a failed College-based Internet Radio station that had plans to progress to Community Radio status, and didn't for reasons irrelevant to this post.

Our plans are to re-start this same project, and are looking for volunteers who maybe interested, so for those of you just looking to extend the reach of your syndicated programmes, you may as well look elsewhere!

At present, we are looking for those ideally with previous experience in either Hospital or Community Radio, as this station is being built from the ground-up. We have already started streaming, but are looking to apply for an Small Scale Digital Licence as soon as it becomes practicable to do so. Obviously, we will be looking for volunteers to become physically involved at some point, so being based close to the area would help. If your main interest is programming, we will be looking to use pre-recorded material overnight, but this is not an immediate concern.

Assuming we attract sponsorship, we will be looking to pay people eventually, but in the meantime, looking for producers, engineers, technicians, and yes presenters!

If you're interested, or have any questions, please contact the Station Manager, Andrew King:

We are calling the station The September Project, because that is the deadline we have given ourselves to get this project going in the right direction!

Thanks for your interest.
Just read this just a quickie best wishes and good fortune to you. Having been involved in starting one up in welwwyn herts
its a lot of hard work and you will need to have a lot of patience and last but not least any thing you cost is gonna cost you more than
you first thought.
john austin


Your really over thinking it "looking for producers, engineers, technicians"
Your site template is good, just needs a couple of hours coding to make it fully functional.
Once set up it runs itself, you just have to code in new DJ's and schedule.
I build full radio stations in a matter of hours. Web site, shoutcast server, DJ panel and chat room for clients.