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Truck Stop Radio

We are TSR, the future of trucking radio!

That's right! TSR is now hiring. We are FULLY licenced by PRS and PPL and have over 100 listeners daily. You can find and listen to us in all the best simulators like ETS2 Farming Simulator and many more!

What are we looking for?
* Over the age of 16, can be younger until 13 if mature.
* Have a decent and working mic.
* Have a reliable internet connection.
* Have a great taste in music.

Oh... and you can win £4 steam gift card to spend on whatever you like if you become Staff of the month.

Go on apply today! Over on our site...., e-mail for more information or reply to this thread.

Head on down to our discord server too to stay updated!

Welcome to Truck Stop Radio Video- check this out!

We'd love to hear from you.

Good luck and thanks for reading!
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Truck Stop Radio