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we have a Bose radio with iheart and internet radio built in and we cant find this station listed. I can listen to it on tune in but The bose does not have tune in installed.


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That link you posted to add stations looks like a link for station owners to add their own station?
Yes, that is correct and the purpose of it. You asked how to get a station added. :)

Unfortunately they appear to share their streaming server with various other stations, so without going into the technical reasons for this we are afraid to say that that this will be incompatible with our own directory's.

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could you post up the model number of this device?I'll try doing a bit of detective work to see if anything is possible here I'm assuming though by your pic that you are American and it seems that this kit does not use the Reciva platform more commonly found on European equipment that is more friendly towards adding new stations. I've investigated kit sold in UK, FR, DE and NL and usually there is an "add URL" function so you can add any custom stream you wish (indeed some folk use it for streaming music inside their house rather than use a long cable)

Unfortunately some equipment and manufacturers do try to lock their users into certain stations which IMO is a retrograde step; as bad a a motor car that will only run on certain brands of petrol (gasoline).


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Nice Clean / Busy Website.
Dunno if you can stop the 1 or 2 Spam Bots.
Apart from that, No Issues :)
Thanks Demo, much appreciated. :)

We do our best to keep on top of the forums spam bots but it's difficult to prevent the odd post getting through still. But we do monitor every single post and delete any spam as necessary.