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Hello my name is DJ Bunny. I am the general manager of Radio For Fun. First off we are a new station, not even 6 mos old. We play all genres of music except for rap (the ones that you can't understand, about drugs, murder....you know what i mean) and screamo metal. That being said, we are looking for new djs. Our website is http://radioforfun.com/.
I received your email recently. Can you send me a sample of your show. The time slot is open for the Mondays. I recommend shows to the Australia community radio ass who can distribute the show to 200 community stations if accepted. Send it to info@radioforfun.com or upload to any cloud eg Dropbox.
Hi, Kevin, we've worked before as Beatsville. It didn't work out for us as the few shows we sent you were never allowed to start on time. Still we do like what you are doing and we did our damnedest to promote your RadioForFun station on our Facebook site which has almost three thousand friends/members.
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