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I am a radio presenter. I have been a radio presenter in indigomusic online radio. I have a passion for music and for entertaining people. I love to interact with my listeners and make them laugh. I am also a bit of a news junkie, so I like to keep my listeners up to date with what's going on in the world.
I want create a website for "Impact Evangelical Ministry FM". so we can have our own website. But I do not know if its possibble? How can I links the websiste with internetradio?
World Greek Radio Pianica -> Free , Without Ads -> Take It Free From Google Play (Radio Pianica) ->
How can I shuffle and playing different songs from my media files? It has been playing the same 6 songs from the media library for the past 3 hours.


SAM Broadcaster Pro use?
Hi there

We exchanged comments about your new station a little while back and you implied at the end that the station may not go ahead.

If it is going ahead are you still looking for presenters and/or shows?


Ian D
can i submit my music for internet radio airplay?
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General Lighting
You can post links to promos in the "Music" subforum, and then DJ's and Station Managers of the various radio stations can see it (they choose their own music, this service just provides the streaming servers and other technical stuff for each station)
Radio channels SALE

I'm not reproducing the word ... my name is Serpente and I would sell my radio channel! Currently listening to '60, '70 '80 music on it.
Oldies category. Daily fixed students. Reasonable price.
Hi Mac, Would love to talk to you about DJing. Reba, HAB Promotion Manager