radio show

  1. Marvin Reyes

    Absolute Trance

    Tempo Radio, Trance World Radio, Trance Energy Radio iTunes:
  2. lee dj

    RETRO rewind radio show

    RETRO rewind is a brand new 2 hour show, free to air best from 60s 70s 80s special weekley features and studio guests starting in early march if ud like to air the show sent out in 2 x 56 mins via wetransfer then leave contact email il get back to you
  3. Ginger and Nuts

    Popular Show is now available to more stations

    Looking to add a bit of fun to your station? Ginger and Nuts present one of the best radio shows which now airs on more than 18 radio stations across the globe. From the UK to Ukraine, Australia, and the USA. It's a one hour, weekly show that's fun and interactive with listeners - and it...
  4. Matt Skills

    UK Based Online Station - Be on air within an hour

    Hi Everyone, Realcast Radio is a brand new UK based ppl licensed online radio station that puts you in control of our output! simply visit and you'll instantly be able to book slots on our schedule and go on air. if you have any problems or have any...
  5. Darren Yates

    Award-winning show for your station...?

    I currently present a fun and lively one-hour weekly show that engages with listeners across the globe. We're already broadcasting to 12 radio stations, but we've decided to extend this to include a few more radio stations (totally free). The show, 'Ginger and Nuts' which I present with my wife...
  6. Darren Yates

    Voted #1 Community Radio Show

    it’s true! Ginger and Nuts has just been listed as the Number One Community Radio Show on Mixcloud. Our fun, lively and interactive one-hour weekly show is recorded as live, and now broadcasts (syndicated) to more than 12 stations on both FM and online. We interview stars such as Sir Ken Dodd...
  7. G

    Ginger and Nuts | One Hour Weekly Show

    Ginger and Nuts present a popular weekly radio show that guarantees smiles, prizes, fun and something different! Quite simply, Ginger and Nuts both have their radio show down to a fine art. The cheeky radio presenters are already syndicating their show to more than 7 stations, but now opening...
  8. C

    EN5 Radio Presenter Needed

    Hi all, We currently have a vacancy for a 2 hour radio show Thursdays 6-8pm. You can either go live or pre record, it's up to you. If you are interested please get in touch. (Other show times are also available). Please contact me for further details...
  9. E

    wanna play house? cutting edge mixologist seeks radio attention

    LINKS TO MIXES PROVIDED BELOW (please bear with me!) LOL Hello Earthlings! I am Eric, aka DJ EPhunk. I have no experience in a club or on radio, but that does not mean I don't have the heart and soul of your favorite disc jockey. I have spent the past 17 years cultivating my craft as a bedroom...
  10. Vibes Collective

    Featuring Music from this forum

    Share your music on this blog or in a reply and get featured on Vibes Squad Internet Radio. Are you an up and coming artist or producer? Looking to get your work on a platform to be heard? Then send your music to to be possibly featured on a show called The Underground Vibe...
  11. Kat and Daz

    NEW!! 'Ginger 'n' Nut' Weekly Show

    We're re-branding our popular show and launching on 1 September 2016 - and we're giving you the chance to snap up a two hour weekly show (Friday) for your online radio station. Format: It's current, fun, bubbly with listener interaction, quirky interviews and a look at the stories across the...
  12. 9

    Looking for Voice Trackers

    94.1Now is looking for Voice Trackers for a few open slots. We need to fill: M-F midday (10-3 est) M, T, W, T night (8-0100 est) and Friday night (10-0100) Sat & Sun slots available as well. Requirements: Must have quality microphone Must be reliable If interested, please send a link to a...
  13. Basati Sound Station

    Bass Radio seeking for radio shows

    Hi there, Basati Sound Station, a digital radio from Bilbao - Basqueland is seeking for dj/shows to be run on the radio. We develop some FM stations in the area, so there is a chance the show to be broadcasted by FM in the Basque Country. Genres that apply: all the bass family and subgenres...
  14. F

    Fresh Radio Leicester Are Looking For Presenters!

    Fresh Radio Leicester is The Leicester's Hit Music Station with a promise of playing more music than any other radio station. We are exclusively on the internet and on mobile apps too. We are looking to take on VOLUNTARY radio presenters/DJs who have a passion for radio to host their own shows...
  15. F

    Fresh Radio Are Looking For Presenters!

    Fresh Radio Leicester is The Leicester's Hit Music Station with a promise of playing more music than any other radio station. We are exclusively on the internet and on mobile apps too. We are looking to take on VOLUNTARY radio DJs who have a thirst for music and a passion for radio to host...
  16. thedirtysouthnetwork

    Need DJ's & shows?

    I have some awesome Talent produced (CLEAN) Shows that would fit on ANY station. All for FREE!! Give us a Shout , . Hope to hear from you - Adam YOU CAN SEE A LIST OF THE SHOWS AT and you can email for a demo as well ...
  17. ZigeDub

    Reggae Radio Show Syndication

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and looking for like minded reggae stations who will be interested in hosting my show Back 2 Basics. Back 2 Basics has been on air for 10 years on various online stations (Reggae4us.Com, Daflavaradio.Com*, Uniquevibez.Com) Currently Back 2 Basics is broadcast on...
  18. BullsEye Radio

    Serious Oldies DJ's Wanted

    Have you always wanted to be a DJ ? Currently Bullseye Radio is seeking on air talent to fill in shifts, to help us to go live 24 hours a day - 7 days a week . The times available are on our calendar. There are many time slots available. Here at BullsEye Radio we are a legally licensed...
  19. M

    Best of the Best Radio Show: Looking for stations to add the show

    Check out the Webpage for Best of the Best if you are looking to add a weekly show about classic rock to your station. So far I have picked up 3 from this thread. I am a rock historian with an eBook series available on iTunes and other available outlets with this show that currently runs on 20...