1. pastordre

    Christian Radio Show

    Hello everybody, I just signed up to the forum and wanted to see if anyone knows of any good Christian Radio stations I can tune into?
  2. R

    Trance Show Hosts

    Please can you have a look and tell me if you would be interested in the rest of this track: [Hashtag]RealWilkinson
  3. M

    Looking to Volunteer for Internet Radio.

    Hello, I'm currently a Podcaster (You can listen to my podcast on and I am currently a Creative Writer for a local radio station. I've also done some announcing or hosting (Whatever you want to call it) in the past, but I haven't lately. I would like to brush...
  4. Waffling Wilson

    12 Hour Live Stream for charity

    Hi everyone, I've never been a runner and I am petrified of heights so marathons and sky dives are not for me. However, I wanted to raise some money for charity so on Wednesday 10th August I am doing a 12 hour live radio stream on my radio station to raise some money for Cancer Research UK. If...
  5. D

    DeepLDNRadio looking for DJ's

    Hi peeps, Does anyone want or know anyone that wants to be a part of a growing radio station? You can broadcast from your own home if you're able too. Looking for all genres of house, funk, soul, Rnb, Jack swing, reggae, disco, rare groove and garage djs. No EDM DJ's Please share this and...
  6. djultra

    own server

    Hello there I've got my own icecast server on my pc, I'm running winamp and the newest icecast server. Now I've port forwarded I've configured the server I've got the edcast plugin for winamp. Now my problem is I sent a link to one of my friends for a tester of my test player I've got on my...
  7. Lee Barber

    Need new shows/hosts? I'm here!

    Need a new show/presenter? Get in touch! SO! My names Lee! Hello. I'm 23 years old, and about to launch a brand new radio show this summer, which thanks to a few connections, will be heard on a variety of FM, DAB and online stations across the globe. I've been involved in media, radio...
  8. R

    Megalypse Radio soon to be online, looking for DJs

    Hello! I'm the admin for a brand-new online radio station called Megalypse Radio. I intend to be all things to all people; meaning of course, the station will hopefully feature a wide variety of genres. If you can think of the genre of music and its relatively accessible to the modern listener...
  9. Lee Barber

    Fancy an Energetic Syndicated Radio Show!?

    Need a new show/presenter? Get in touch! SO! My names Lee! Hello. I'm 23 years old, and about to launch a brand new radio show this summer, which thanks to a few connections, will be heard on a variety of FM, DAB and online stations across the globe. I've been involved in media, radio...
  10. Dan Butler

    PZR 91.1 FM Seeks New Talent

    Love being on air and having fun? Well, at PZR we LOVE having fun while we are on air. All programs must be broadcast live. This may change at a later date. Must have: Your own SAM Broadcaster or Nicecast or equivalent broadcast software 2 Hours per week HAVE LOTS OF FUN! To learn more...
  11. R

    Android APP listeners are not showing

    Android APP listeners are not showing in current listerens. Also In statistics - reports - user agents i don't see the APP listener.
  12. Clash Radio

    UK/London Based Radio Station Is Looking For DJ's

    Clash Radio is a new fresh Internet radio station looking for DJ's. We are based in London but we would love to see presenters from all over the world. Everything is already setup we just need the talent! If you are interested and would like to join the team, here are the requirements: 14 Years...
  13. David J

    Play & Say what you want with us!

    That's right, PLAY WHAT YOU WANT! AKARadio is looking for live DJs for primetime shows (new time slots available!) Also, looking for mornings/afternoons. If you are interested, please make sure to stop by and apply, check out our bios, our schedule and chat with us in the...
  14. Kapital Radio Uk

    Djs Needed For Kapital Radio Uk

    We are a fast growing station based in South London currently gaining 300+ listeners daily via several platforms and are looking for experienced Djs and presenters that can broadcast from the comfort of their homes. If this is you we would like to hear from you. Contact us Email...
  15. R

    Trance Radio Stations I Would Like

    Exposure please. I am an individual who would like you to be involved in a new music chapter of my life where I need to go to the next level. With your kindest help I could become the next big thing. In short, I have been producing for some years as a hobbie, however - now it seems to be...
  16. Dan Butler

    PZR 91.1 FM Seeks On-Air Talent

    We are currently looking to fill slots on our station. Must be able to commit to at least ONE (1) - two (2) hour shift per week. To see where you would fit in, please visit If you are interested in joining, please visit We are...
  17. Clash Radio

    Clash Radio Looking for DJ's

    Clash Radio is a fresh new internet radio station looking for DJ's. We want Presenters and DJ's of any level to become a proud and friendly member of this great community. If you wish to join the team, and meet the requiments below please fill in the application linked below 14 Years Or Older...
  18. Jamie Shields

    American? Australian? All time zones considered!

    Just another quick note to say, Anyone that is looking for a show but is worried about Time Zones please apply at or use the contact page to contact Jamie. We will help any inspiring presenter / DJ have show that they can nuture and progress. Just do it, Feel the Curve...
  19. Jamie Shields

    CurveRadio - Can we help you?

    Hi Everyone!, At Curve Radio we want to support every internet radio host on a journey that will be potentially life changing. Curve Radio is a sister company with the very popular Curve Fever! We at Curve Radio have off peak time slots available for internet presenters and broadcasters alike...
  20. T

    Acronym For Radio Station

    I have my own radio station, but I am stuck for words behind the Acronym. It used to be a speech only radio station, which is why I used DSTT Radio (short for Don't Stop The Talk Radio). I now play mostly music with a small selection of speech based shows, so I am in need of a new acronym...